Trini Gimmeh Gimmeh Mentality.

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Jan 23, 2008
Now people don't get me wrong here, The Government should provide the basic necessary services for the economy to survive but this topic its not about that. Why is it that we have free education in our school From Primary school to tertiary young people wasting their time , learning nothing but rather Fight, have sex , break classes and become dunce.
When they fail at the school level they coming and protesting saying how the government is not giving them any jobs, WTF is wrong with these people?.
Why Do these people keep thinking the government should provide jobs for them with their gimmeh gimmeh Mentality?
Why must my hard earn tax paying dollars pay these lazy ass people a salary.
Why can they learn in school get an education and look for a job?
It have some people in my area who i went to school with, they rather fight and have sex all day, break classes and you know what they are doing now? Smoking weed and robbing people. :fencing:
This country getting shitter every minute.
thats the basic mentality of trinidadian people man! Everyone wants ting easy , no hard work necessary, but you and me both know that thats not the case! only a few trini people who 'rich' know the suffering and hardship of working for what you have now! Everyone want something from the government, whether it is raise in salary, raise in pension, free this , free that! But when they get it , they playing d a** and wasting the opportunities they have been granted! And then they want to blame the government and say they never did anything for the people!

yes the government did some real shit in the past 5 years, but not all of the stuff is bad! is how the people choose to utilize everything , thats where it goes all wrong!

plus i believe when you said "Why is it that we have free education in our school From Primary school to tertiary and young people wasting their time , learning nothing but rather Fight, have sex , break classes and become dunce. " that stems more from a home based background and mentality of some parents, and also the influences they around. I can tell you this because i see it, live it everyday in my institution of learning!
i fed of people always saying is the govt fault take for instance LAVENTILLE AND PLEASANTVILLE THEY BOTH HAVE INSTITUTION IN THE area to help the youth in the are but instead they rather lime on the block you have ppl travelling from point and cedros going to these institutions every day the ppl in the community refuse to utilize the facilities but like to block road and protest. i understand when you see it is a mentality but trust me as some point in time you have to want better for yourself no one else can do it for you WHEN WILL PEOPLE YOUNG AND OLD realise that NO ONE OWES US ANYTHING and get up and work for what we want or go about it the honest way
i hear you minipuff, they have no sense of appreciation for what the government is offering them! smoke weed, lime , get people girl children pregnant, live an "adult" lifestyle, apparently the youth these days have no set of ambition and self esteem

totally disgusting to see some of my former friends wasting their lives on the avenue liming, when they could be doing something productive, atleast get ah lil work nah

then they does want to ask for money! stueps
Someone correct me if i am wrong, but these areas that you all are referring to has the most public and youth centers, activities , community centers, sports days, government initiatives etc. and still people are not using them.
you are absolutely correct, im sure if people start to utilize the facilities provided for them , there would be a different story being told. and a different nation all together, a more productive one at that! seriously though do trinidadians really expect the government to provide everything for them? im sure if we look at the government in other countries , yes it might be better, but look as how developed those countries are, and the kind of citizens that live there!
I remembered a joke that I believe is most suitable for this thread. It's an oldie, but fits...

A guy in New York opened a barber shop. The first guy to walk in was a Baker. After getting his haircut, the baker asked what the damage was, the barber, said not to worry, it's on the house since I just opened. The baker thanked him and left. The next morning, on arriving to work, the barber saw 10 bags, filled with bread and pastries, along with a thank you note from baker, wishing him success.

That day, a florist came in , again service was free, the florist thanked him and left. The following morning, he found 10 bouquets of flowers, along with a thank you note.

That day, a Trini walked in, got his haircut, asked the damages, and heard it was free....he watched the barber...."Free you say?" "you ain't getting that back in Trinidad!"

The following morning, on arriving to work, do you know what the barber saw?

10 Trinidadians waiting for free haircut! LMAO! :clap2::clap2::clap2::boom::boom::boom::heh::heh::heh:
HAHAHAHAHAH Well done MangaAddict, that one was a good one! i applaud that joke! Stale , but good !
Lmao! I did say it was it real hard to find a joke that not stale these days...can't remember the last time I heard a good one.
Hmm...... How about this joke

How much celebrities does it take to drive a supra?


There's a lot of evidence pointing to the Illuminati being real. I saw a shocking video on it. Can't remember the name...but this was part of it...