Stopped Cheating Because You Got Caught?

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Jun 9, 2008
Cheaters always claim that they have turned over a new leaf and they have realized what they have and changed for the better. Swear you changed your ways? Now your faithful? What did u think would happen if u didn't get caught? We all know thats bullshit! If cheaters didn't get caught they would still be doing their sinful acts. How come they took so long now to realize what they have now and didn't know before?
I HATE CHEATERS! And worst of all liars! Swear it should have punishment like what they have in India for cheating! If you know that the person you're with is not making you happy then leave..Yes it is simple as that! And you think Because cheating is not?

Man and his mistress caught cheating and was beaten by his wife and his family in India :D
Cheating is not only really bad its where the cheating party don't consider the feels of the other party and how it may affect that person. Doing this it shows that you are not quite satisfied with that person and you are not ready to settle down even if your married. Alot of people marry too early in a relationship and are not mature enough to handle marriage.
interesting topic to get many persons take on cheating will get many reply....everybody have different views an topics like this brings out some steam in us coz i'm tell u guys wen we cheat dat will give them the chance to breakup with us...hooking up with someone behind your lovers back will make you feel invincible an will stimulate a dull day...wen ur lover don’t think you r sexy enough for them an make u feel like shit an tells u dat u will never b an eligible candidate in the dating community....suppose ur lover is always busy an just too tired to go at it after a long day or they’re just lazy an no fun when it come to d bedroom...we need to find someone else to fill that void...cheating on them will get u to do things a little differently so ur partner don't take u for granted...Sometimes u just need to experience d feeling of being wit someone else physically...also if ur planning to end d relationship an afaird of being alone afterwards...sometimes you’re bored with your current relationship...cheating on ur partner mite be d best solution...coz u have no idea who's out there for u an how much love u can recieve with out any ole new d ole ppl used to say "yuh have to meet alot ah rong ppl before u meet d rite one"...going behind your lover’s back an hooking up wit someone else might actually give u d means to improve ur current relationship...coz our relationships r meant to b fun...some couples don't talk or communicate wit each other an somtimes its one who dont want to improve......i agree cheating can't make a problem disappear...Cheating in a relationship is bad and it is an immoral thing to do...ur betraying someone’s trust on you an ur also playing wit another person’s feelings....