Should Guyana ban Trinidadians from entering Guyana now that Guyana will become the richest oil producer in the world?

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Nov 25, 2023
How the tables have turned! Guyana will become the richest country in the world in a few years time. Every Trinidadian businessman is rushing to Guyana to start up businesses, but many Guyanese don't want them in Guyana.
Should Guyana start closing the borders now before we end up with a migrant problem? The oil belongs to Guyanese who stayed in the country.
Oil is a curse. It will destroy your economy in the long term. We Trinis know. We have been through it. We can tell you how the story ends.


Keep your economy STERILE

You mean the oil belongs to the foreign corporations and the political cronies who share the spoils by looting the treasury with inflated contracts?
This post didn't age well...
A few days ago, Venezuela did a referendum to annex the Essequibo territory.
Don't even mention the 50,000+ Venezuelans who are currently in Guyana!

The locals are complaining that the gangs from Venezuela are doing stuff that local gangs and bandits rarely do, like beheading victims with a dull knife. Guyanese are afraid of Venezuelan gangs more than local bandits.

Any time there is a bunch of young Venezuelan men liming at the street corner, the Guyanese walk the other way in fear.

This is how karma gets back at Guyanese who badmouth Trinibagonians.

OP is smug about banning job creators from Trinidad, yet young men with criminal intent from Venezuela are wreaking havoc in Guyana with crime that they never experienced before.
Anyone disturbed by the fact that Guyana is becoming insular and authoritarian? Didn't some government critic get hassled at his home in NYC by Guyana government agents the other day?