How young is too young to get married?

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Senator: Review law allowing 12-year-old girls to
SENATE Vice President Senator Lyndira Oudit has called for a review of the laws relating to the age at which a girl can legally marry in Trinidad and Tobago....Oudit said under the Muslim Marriage Act, a 12-year-old girl could marry, once consent is given by the father, and under the Hindu Marriage Act, the same could happen with a 14-year-old girl....She asked: "Are girls of ages 12 and 14 sufficiently mature to make a determination as to choice of spouse?"....She said, "Too many women and children suffer violent and horrific acts, as the rest of the world passes by, unable or unwilling to take action.....
I think one can try to get married between the age of 25-30. One should get married once he/she feels he/she is ready to get married.
i think they should get married at legal ages such as 17 or 18 ..HOWEVER! Some cases with other logical reasons should be decided by a court
imho, we no longer live in the ice age or a subsistence economy; therefore i strongly disapprove the marriage of young children. yes there are some children who just don't listen to their parents. some are too poor to take of their children - but children don't stay small forever! they become adults. at age 18, yes you are an adult, but i still don't think that this is an appropriate age for someone to get married. the best age to get married should be between 26 - 30. some of my friends are over 30 and they have not even gotten married as yet and yes they are successful and independent. an assiduous change needs to be made to our marriage laws regarding the legal age for marriage!
there is no definate age to get married expect for those ignorant parents who arrange marriage, married off due to pregnancy or simply its there customs. However in Trinidad, the legal age is 18 to be consider an adult. Marriage is not to taken for granted. Its a life term contract with a love one. So age can not be seen as a figure and should not be a deadline for marriage. :hug:
i got married at a young age 19yrs ..and now i have two beautiful kids , a loving husband and pets galore. i love my life and would not change anything so my advice to you all is that when you love someone and have all your things in place like maturity , a place of you're own etc . then marry .
Sita thats wonderful. i don't want to get married when i am old and then have children..Maturity does not play a big part in age ..

REASON: I love children and i want to get married next 2 years and settle down and have plenty kids and pets and start a life ! Not when im old and too tired to have children running at my feet ... nope! I love my youth and i want to grow with my children and spend out the rest of my life as much years as i can with them
Alot of kids now a days are getting married..Just this year alone children from my former secondary school got married and they were in lower grades than me.Some 18 and 17. The sad part is they are getting married and still living in their parents house some without a job and not helping their parents or in laws..
imo, one should not be getting married if they are unemployed! yes i know that sounds harsh...but what sense does it make to get married when u cannot support yourself and to make things worse what would happen if a child comes along? i just cannot see myself getting married if i cannot support myself!
Whats the point of getting married if your parents still have to stake care of you and your spouse LOL