Dress codes when entering Police Stations?


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Staff member
Jan 23, 2008

Good night people i'm confused really confused so please help me to understand whats happening here. I'm hearing alot of persons especially from friends and families that Police officers are running persons out the station because of what they are wearing. Some persons even reported to me that they wore 3/4 pants and was told to leave and was unable to make any report. Some one also reported wearing a sleeve less shirt was insulted and was not allowed to make the report.
Now tell me guys is a police station a night club or a restaurant, alot of crap does happen unexpectedly like car accidents etc that you need to go to the closest station to make the report. Not all the time you will be in a formal attire. These police officers does be so lazy to do their jobs wasting tax payers money and abusing their powers.
Whats you views on this guys.
This where we reach now? So if ah man going down the road in he sleeveless and short pants in he wetman and somebody bounce him from behind and they go by the station, police gonna run him out? Well I didn't think a police station was the place for a suit unless you happened to be victim of something in need of reporting while wearing such attire. Craziness yes.