Can money buy true happiness?

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Yeah true love can't be attained thru money but it kinda hard to find true love when all dem gyal and dem only want is a man wit money......pfft.
not true eh boss....I've met quite a few young ladies who hated me to buy things for them
I agree with Empireking my girlfriend does not me to by things for her one reason is that her parents would ask her who by that her her (her parents don't know about me). she is not the girl that likes alot of gifts
Admin is right i am not a gold digger and although any girl deserves to be treated like the world its not meant to be so literal. Yes i love presents from admin but only on very special occasions . i not the kind to be on a date or i meet him and we walking around and for me to say "I want that, buy that for me please" or "aye buy this for me it will look good with my pants" Hell no!
Only LOVE can buy happiness not the Love for money that would buy material things. Or you can work with money to find true love spend money to join a dating site and look for the right person .
for real? Allyuh hadda gimme some intros to dem girls den....

Rina.....Hi I'm snow :p
Lolz heyz have alot of them but u jus really need to look deeper and see ;)
well thats all nice an cute but ah hope gifts is not ah problem later on in life coz i never get pampered an it does bother me, an i want tings now, i used to say dey same ting years ago an now its here to haunt me an make me feel like i'm being used!!! so take all d darn ting yuh gettin now yes, people does change too bad!!!
lol.......wenever i start to work full time i will spoil my gf/wife to the doubt abt that
u go boy!!!, BUT dont talk wit ur pocket coz she go take advantage of dat!!!
i dont think nethin can buy true happiness...datz sumthin u gotta find on ur own n ur life...u cant jus walk down da street 1 day & hope sum1 comez up 2 u askin if u want 2 buy true happiness...datz jus not how it workz...
Aha yes nothing like material gains to make the heart healthy! (sarcastic) To a point money will make you comfortable but not happy .. up to today yes money is essential in today's life and is the foundation for experiencing things that make you happy but money always comes and goes so i guess its a level situation
money will make me happy.....ah know wat ah sayin coz ah livin ah long time rite now bring on d MONEY!!!
LOL ..look at that i betcha their are some people in westmoorings that living so richly but their heart IS DAMN LONELY AND SAD ..AND LOOK AT US...WE GET JOY FROM THE SIMPLIST THINGS IN LIFE..Some are too high up to experience happiness we feel
Yes... and also when we are not rich and have limited money..we know how to use it wisely and think about what kinda nice things we want to get but when yuh rich money does just spend so wild you does even cyah count on what u spend it on
I have been poor and sad for a long long time....I still say let me see if I can be happier with money ....I will always choose money in my life...and I'm sure I will be happy if I have more money.....