Any one here playing Pokemon?

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May 15, 2016
Hey guys I recently bought the new Nintendo 3ds xl and Pokemon Omega Ruby. It's been some time since I played Pokemon and I must say the recreation of Pokemon Ruby to Omega Ruby is eye candy. Lots of great 3d in the game, especially loving the fact that the new Nintendo 3ds xl is 3d without the use of any 3d glasses.

Looking forward to Pokemon sun and moon coming out November 18 2016.

The sun and moon looks very interesting...but haven't played one of those games since fire red/ leaf green if I remember correctly and yes the 3ds is a nice peace of hardware but I didn't keep mines for long as I wasn't getting any new Zelda games for it that was built from scratch with a story
Looks cool, only one I played recently was Emerald and well, I still need to finish it. I just might catch up on the series/games, watching that since season 1.
Really took 3 days to complete the game and that with leveling up make Pokemon to 74 and catching over 300. If I did not do that I would have completed it in less than a day. The game also contains loads of side quest and dozens of legendary Pokemon to be caught. So I'm still playing it but not that regular.
Does anyone still play Pokemon Go? How is the game now and has it improved?
It's been a while like over 4 years since I've played it. It was good with the first gen pokes but they took way too long to release the other gens making the game boring.